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Unique Shopping Carts is simply the best all inclusive approach to getting your business fully online with extra special trimmings for free that many others will only do by charging you heavily for.

Tired of looking at boring mono-typed styled shopping carts? Want to give your online shoppers a uniquely crafted shopping cart that has your personality stamped on it? Want free ongoing technical SEO expertise to assist your shopping website to get free high ranking search results? Want someone to look after lots of the technical heavy lifting for you? Then you are in the right place!

I assist small business owners directly "one on one" and/or "behind the scenes", to better help you establish your business website as an effective website presence in your local area and product field.

It is my honest opinion that large businesses has spent many years in corrupting many, many local communities financially by extracting and hoarding profits away from the very same local communities that empowered them in the first place. And big businesses still do it to this very day, if you will be so kind as to enable them. Yes, the power and the choice is yours.

It is true that small business seeks to use new profit to expand by increasing their number of hired staff. Big business seeks to use new profit to expand by decreasing their number of hired staff. To keep spending money with large business is a great way to ensure you will have less local customers. And if that business uses only off-shore manufacturing or imports, well...

All this in a world where small business is the most important and influential of all commerce as they have all the grass-roots connections, hire most of the work force and pay the most taxes in the free world.

Take a drive through some of your local rural towns and listen to the stories on how big businesses came, purchased and closed their local major industries robbing a bright-eyed future generation of their right to a rural prosperity from beneath their very own noses. The payoff might have been sweet when that amount of money was actually worth something, but mostly there is now only regret. Can you really change the future? Yes! Nearly all large businesses were once small businesses where a local community bonded together and made something great out of their local resources and skills.

Bear this in mind when you next need to go to a store. If you would like to be a successful small business owner with a shopping cart on your site, ask you self "How much have I spent this week shopping with local online small businesses that have unique shopping carts?"

Shopping Cart WebSite Setup Fee: $299.00
Average Monthly Fee: $49.00 [includes SEO service & any updates you request]
Charity Monthly Fee: $19.00 [charity groups/Non-profit - confirm B4 payment]

Cheapest Monthly Fee: $9.00 [still includes a very basic free SEO]

Includes website hosted in USA or Australia
Includes proper email address[es], design, online contact and unlimited web pages
Includes admin area to add, change or update inventory, prices etc. This can also be done for you.

I do not take any percentage of your ongoing sales. I consider this practice to be unethical in most cases.

Cart Payment Methods
PayPal with "Instant Payment Notification" activated. You will receive an instant auto generated email from paypal and another from your website letting you if the funds are 100% clear or pending etc. You can also have "email Checkout" [recommended] for C.O.D. or to advise the customer on other payment options including BankTransfer or processing credit cards by phone if you have existing card facilities in your store.

The best cost effective eCommerce Website for non-technical people. Recommended for businesses with 1 - 2,000 product line items. You can easily add, edit or delete your inventory. Write easy and simple messages to your website public or we can help you with everything.

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How to Start Fruit and Vegatable Shop

      Fruit and Vegetable Store Shopping Carts
      Do you own a fruit shop or similar and are seeking to better service your existing customers whilst attracting new ones? We can help with a great shopping cart experience that is easy to update and fun for your customers to use.

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